DKNY Spring-Summer 2013 RTW

Sure, New York might be one of the most colorful cities in the world—speaking both graphically and in terms of the colorful personalities that make up its inhabitants—but did you ever ask yourself what the most ubiquitous element in the patchwork of color that blankets the Big Apple might be?

If you’re Donna Karan designing your spring 2013 DKNY show, you’d probably say taxicab yellow. Even though she’s built a 25-plus-year career around clean, black silhouettes, the designer has long been obsessed with cabs and the frequent smashes of yellow they scatter throughout the city. (Although there wasn’t a cab parked at the top of the runway this season, like the past two DKNY shows, the models did walk in front of a large backdrop that depicted bustling New York in an imposing gray scale, except for, you guessed it, a couple of bright yellow taxicabs.)

The clothes displayed this same conceit: There was a tidy array of white cotton shirts and slouchy jeans, which felt fresh on their own, but mainly provided a nice base for the flashes of almost-neon lemon yellow making an appearance in the form of silk shirts, and neoprene jersey dresses. (The designer even took a bow in a pair of black skinny jeans, topped by a yellow anorak.)

It’s probably no coincidence then that for her sound track Karan opened the show with Nena’s “99 Luftballons,” a song about another swarm of color popping out in front of a dreary background—99 red balloons floating between Cold War–era East and West Germany—and inadvertently sparking a third world war. Let’s hope New York and Pittsburgh don’t befall the same fate, especially once they find out Karan is making a grab for their black-and-yellow color scheme.

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