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Please note that this piece is a satire and no disrespect is intended or implied for all concerned.  Images are already publicly available, so we are not introducing any new exposure.  Thanks!

Tights Are Not Pants !!!

Yes, of course tights are literally not pants.  They may cover the legs in a similar fashion, but they cannot or should not replace pants.   They’re not designed to be worn as pants, because there’s really insufficient coverage in the panty/brief area.  But apparently, there are enough people out there crossing the line...

Exploring this a little further… can leggings be worn as pants?  Leggings can be seen as simply very thick tights without the feet.  But, there are women out there running around with leggings on and a top that doesn’t necessarily cover below the waist.

Jennifer Lopez spotted in unflattering leggings moment

There really are women out there wearing leggings in place of pants.  Do you think that’s OK?  I think it very much depends upon the body’s proportions and the opacity of the material, plus the venue.  Jennifer Lopez has a very sexy body, but these leggings are exposing just a bit too much, even if she’s just trotting to her SUV from yoga class!  I have seen some horrific sights in Manhattan that can make one regret anyone ever thought of wearing leggings as pants.  Most of such fashion failures are probably in the USA, where obesity is at an all time high.

Black leggings as pants is a phenomenal, but the world needs to recognize that this look is not for all !!! Somethings are better left covered.

Not everyone and wear leggings as pants !

 Leggings are a man's best friend, but when women start going crazy with animal prints, it becomes a turn off. Stick to the basic stuff, there are few people who can pull off this real life animal leggings stuff.

If you are this size, then Leggings Are NOT pants.

If you are going to wear black leggings and I'm not trying to be too mean here, the majority of people need to wear a long top to cover up their ass. There is always the argument that leggings are not pants, but what is missed is that little star (*) that should go on the argument.

Leggings can be pants, but only on the right body type. You know who you are, there are the cans an can nots, nothing wrong with being a can bot, but you need to dress more accordingly.

I'm totally avoiding the UGGs in this picture, but if you didn't' realize how stumpy they make your legs look by now, well there is no eye doctor in the world that is gonna be able to help you out.   :))

P.S. No one should be wearing skin tone color leggings.
 I figured you may have thought I was picking on ol' Kim K. but here's the proof that she is a repeat offender. If I can see your cellulite through your bottom wear, heck if I can see your bottom through your bottom wear, then maybe it's time to re-think the outfit, no?

 Okay, enough said now feel free to disagree with me that's fine but just know that you are wrong, this is NOT a good look, should be outlawed--leggings are NOT pants. Period. This has been a public service announcement, you may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.
 To leggings-as-pants-wearers: I bet you didn't realize that you looked like that from the back, did you? Well now you know how unflattering your derrière looks when you commit this fashion crime!

Now you may be saying, 'I'm super thin and toned! I don't have butt dimples!' Okay, that's wonderful. That brings me to a couple of other reasons why wearing leggings as pants should be avoided at all costs.

Leggings are made of a very thin material. The lighter in color they are, the more transparent they appear to be. But regardless of the color of your leggings, they are going to be skin tight and cling to you. This is where a problem is presented.

Leggings are just thicker versions of tights and you don’t see people walking around in just tights now do you? I truly do love seeing every crevasse and fat roll as someone walks down the street (Sarcasm). I really would like keep my appetite, thank you. Please if you are going to wear leggings, wear a shirt that covers your butt. Some things are just not meant to be seen.

Katy Perry - In Granny Panties November 19th, 2009

You cannot wear boyshorts, granny p*nties or any other line showing undergarments with leggings. You Just Can't! These aren't rules He just came up with, they are rules of life, that are not meant to be broken. Some people will complain that leggings aren't pants, well guess what He isn't gonna ever complain about that unless you force He to. Come on now ladies, clean up your act, thongs and gstrings and all that other stuff was made for a reason. No one wants to see your ugly as underwear lines in a pair of leggings.
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