Andrej Pejic - Male model

“Who is the blonde girl?” fashion insiders asked. Paris Fashion Week, June 2010 and the catwalk shows are in full swing. Excitement is growing amongst the Gaultier crowd about this extraordinary find. However this is not a girl. Andrej Pejić is not female. 

Andrej Pejić, a male model from Bosnia-Herzegovina is quickly becoming the image of change for the fashion industry. Once described as the poster boy for fashion androgyny by cult fashion website WWD, Pejić has captured the imagination of design houses globally. Undeniable traits of a model align his face, with chiselled strong features reminiscent of the masculine virile image yet posed with ultra feminine delicacy. 

With these characteristics, Pejić has helped to endorse an age where gender stereotypes are being broken, where the fashion industry is continually pushing boundaries and more importantly pushing for change. The power of such images, the sashaying catwalk model, the printed advertisement or the billboard erected in the metropolis city is irrefutably equipped to promote unconventional concepts. Unconventional being what fashion could be believed to encourage. Such concepts as the ‘boy as girl’ that Andrej Pejić is known for are allowing such taboo subjects to be elevated in the public psyche.

Although some may see a man in a dress as ‘cross dressing’, Pejić is not considered to be partaking in such activity. He is not compared to transsexuals, nor stigmatized in the same way as lady boys or drag queens may be. Fashion is making the man in a dress more than the implied image. Andrej Pejić is different. His story is one that inspires, from the escape of his war stricken homeland to a better life with his family to Australia, the movements to becoming one of the world’s most compelling models was not an easy journey. 

Conflicting reports suggest he was spotted working in McDonalds or at his local swimming pool before being catapulted to fame due to his outstanding abilities as a model. Nevertheless, Pejić has been subject to controversy regarding his work despite only being on the radar for two years
Having walked for both male and female catwalks, he posed for New York based magazine Dossier Journal in Spring 2011. The image shows Pejić in a nonchalant pose, his shirt undone, his hair in curlers. As the issue was distributed, well established bookstores decided the image was too risqué and the cover disguised. Why? There were concerns Pejić may be mistaken for female.

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