No bra revolution | Fashion DON'T !

I just saw a lady walk by, in a very thin t-shirt and she is sporting no bra, with some very obvious "head lights" Oh my word, I know some people can get away with it, but my word, they were hanging low, and she is in a professional outfit...

Some people just don't look in the mirror before leaving home!

Then we all have to suffer while they think they look 'hot'....

Below are some celebrities with no bras...

Kate Moss

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

 Gwen Palthrow

 Britney Spears

 Meg Ryan

Unfortunately, the people that need this type of reminder will never see this post. 

Please spare us ! 

Don’t Leave ‘em Hanging! It’s Time for a New Bra!


 or for at least something like this:

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