A colour wheel used by fashion designers...

 I’ve put in a color wheel used by fashion designers. This will show you which colors look hot together… and which ones don’t!

So here’s a few good ideas of ways to mix and match colors to create hot combinations:
1. Colors directly next to each other on the wheel always look good together because they’re slight variations of each other. For example, try teaming blue-violet with violet.
2. Colors that form 90° angles with each other. For a warm look, try mixing yellow with red-orange.
3. Colors directly across from each. These will have the biggest impact because they are opposites of each other. For a standout look try blue and orange.
4. Colors that form a ‘T’ will work great in an outfit where you need more than two colors. For this effect try matching yellow, blue-green and red-orange.
5. Colors that form an ‘X’ also work great when you need more than two colors. Try working with blue, orange, violet-red and yellow.

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