Georges Chakra Fall 2012 Couture

Surprisingly, Saturday wasn’t filled with a lot of hustle and bustle as I made my way into the Edition by Georges Chakra show.  The PR team was tremendously accommodating, to say the least.  And the collection you ask?

Chakra sent down a lot of eye catching and incredibly detailed silhouettes, incorporating both the romance of lace with the slight coquettishness of frills and tiers…

Metallics also sauntered down the runway to give the collection its powerful and subtly futuristic, yet glamorous feel.  I especially love the play on textures in the metallic trench.

There were also very interesting cuts and mesh insets at the back of most of the dresses, adding a full-stop to the sexiness he intertwined into most of his looks, leaving just enough to the imagination to make you want more.

Lastly, there was a ton of asymmetrical and contemporary construction going on, both at the front and back of many of his pieces.

Chakra’s fall collection this season was undoubtedly stunning.  He just knows how to keep an audience interested from every angle of all of his pieces.  Making the front and back of his dresses equally captivating was pure genius.  

He also celebrates the sexiness and flirtatious side of a woman, while making those characteristics coexist seemlessly with strength and power.  And though there were many differences in textures and colors, the collection was still very cohesive.  

One of my favorite shows this season without a doubt (though it’s only one out of two due to unforeseen events that took place yesterday).
I took video of the final walk, but YouTube is being silly now.  Just as well, because I shot it the wrong way.
For more on the collection, take a look here.
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