Diamond Boutique revolutionizes the bra

With the brand new innovative Diamond Boutique’s bra you go limitless in ways to wear it as practically any strap position is now something you can create with 24 hook positions on each cup and another 28 on the back strap.
Michelle Mone and her lingerie range Diamond Boutique presents Limitless Bra that’s described as “the most innovative lingerie ever.” The bra comes in several parts, including two cups and a selection of straps, two colors – black and nude, and sizes 32-38 A-D.
These days fashion is so experimental, it’s often a hassle finding the right bra for the right outfit, any girl will tell you,” Mone said adding that the Limitless Bra is a “must have” item for every lingerie drawer.
The bra is available at www.tesco.com/clothing.

We do find the bra super inventive and useful when it comes to multiple dress designs you can now see in stores and hardly any bra that seems perfect to come along. Hope they ship bras all the way to the US.
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