Embellished Collar

The easy step to looking fashionably smart and quirky is to focus on the the collar. Use juxtaposition of fabric and hardware/embellishment to create a contrast. Depending on what type of looking you’re going for, one of our go-to style is the studded collar which gives an outfit a blend of edge and spunk. Embellished and studded collar are known for its versatility to dress up or dress down an outfit. 

Making a stark contrast  by looking refined and edgy at the same time with a chambray button up shirt and a statement studded black leather collar. Finish the tough girl look by adding a few arm candies. For the classy ladies out there, the peter pan style collar with pearl and bead embellishment is a key piece in this sophisticated and feminine style. Style it with high waisted pants or a loud printed silhouette to make your outfit more refreshing. This year is all about embellishments, time to perk up an outfit with your favorite collar!
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