DIY Statement Collar

Well, I finally got around to it, the statement collar. Detachable collars are super cute right now, but I wanted something more. For awhile now I've been toying with the idea of combining a statement necklace with a detachable collar. I am insanely in love with all the statement necklaces out there, I mean wow..they are gorgeous, but I've also been ridiculously obsessed with collars too, so why not take the bib necklace, make it into a collar shape and put a bunch of pretty stuff on it? It worked! Ta-daa, The Statement Collar. So I doubt this concept is brand new, but I'd like to think my spin on it is a little different, it requires a little bit of patience, and some time, but the results are worth it!

You'll need: Old jewelry you don't want/need anymore, get creative on this one, with this special glue anything will stick. I was even able to use old earrings. Felt, paper, pen, hole punch, scissors, ribbon to match your necklace, and glass glue. (you can find this type of glue at any craft store, it's a bit pricey but you can use it several times and it will stick beads/glass/shells to just about anything.) I went with browns/golds/nudes for this project. oh and COFFEE! Yes I drink it with marshmallows sometimes, I'm weird.

 Now I got this idea to follow a pattern in this no-duh kind of way from stylehive .It might take a few tries to get the pattern drawn just right, but don't worry you will get it! I messed up the first time, but that's why it's paper. When you are drawing the image in step one, you want to make sure the paper is folded in half, hamburger style, and draw towards the folded side. Once it's cut it should like like step #2, try it on around your neck and if it feels too tight you can reduce the inside part if you need to. Once you have your pattern, fold your felt in half the same way you did the paper and pin the pattern to the felt. Cut the felt from the pattern, and there you go.

Now simply use the glass glue to glue your pieces into place, you may want to lay things out before you glue so you can get an idea of how it will all look. Let dry for 24hrs. Once dry, use the hole punch to punch out two holes on the top part, and tie your ribbon to the collar. That's it! Use this collar to make an ordinary top or dress into something amazing. Enjoy! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me!

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